Why Choose Vintage?



Here at P.R. Sturgill, we see it so often—someone finds a piece that was made just for them even though it had been made decades before they were even born. Sometimes it’s what they’ve always wanted; sometimes it’s a surprise. We love watching people fall in love with the unique and enduring appeal of jewelry and history in a stunning piece.

Our collection of vintage and antique jewelry is the largest in the New River Valley. An elegant necklace, a clever brooch, a bracelet, a striking set of earrings, and of course, original engagement rings…nearly every style and era has passed through our door, yet we still get new pieces every day that help us remember why we love our craft so much.

When it comes to engagement rings, vintage and estate gems provide both iconic style and almost endless variety.

Our more recently-crafted estate pieces are chosen carefully with our unique collection in mind. We believe that there’s no such thing as “old” or “new” jewelry…at P.R. Sturgill, we know that true beauty is timeless!

Vintage jewels are the most eco-friendly option, since they already exist in the world before entering our collection—sometimes one or two hundred years before!

Repairs, ring sizing, and the creation of vintage-style settings and wedding bands are all done with the slightest ecological footprint possible. So you get the most beautiful and unique pieces available, at the best value and the highest ethical standard.


The same qualities that make vintage and antique jewelry appealing—the history, character, and exquisite design—also make it more complex and nuanced to evaluate. We think of this complexity as a major part of the appeal, and not at all difficult to appreciate—what you see is simply a little piece of wearable art and history. However, the lives that these pieces led before they came to us mean it’s especially important to explore them with the help of friendly and trustworthy specialists.

Our staff includes expert gemologists, historians, curators, writers, luxury professionals, a master jeweler and a fine arts photographer, all with an eye for both the style and substance of each piece.