Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do you buy gold, silver, old jewelry?
A. Yes, we do.  PR will meet with you in private to evaluate your piece and make you an offer.  All offers are confidential.

Q Do you repair watches in-house?
A. We change out watch batteries, adjust bands, and perform some simple repairs and adjustments here at the store, but most watch repairing is performed offsite.

Q How much do you charge for ring resizing?
A. Ring resizing starts at $19 and is very reasonably priced for larger jobs.  Factors that affect price are metal-type of ring, whether we size up or down, and how many sizes needed up or down (i.e. from a size 4 to a size 7 would be more expensive than a size 4 to a size 5).

Q How long until my repairs are completed?
A. We understand that your jewelry is important and precious to you and that you do not want to be without it for any longer than necessary.  Depending on the type of repair, the wait is usually 1 or 2 weeks, more for serious repairs and less for simple repairs.  Wait time also depends on our workload at the time.  You are always welcome to call us for updates.

Q Do you perform insurance appraisals?
A. We have been doing insurance appraisals for over 20 years.  Appraisals are $100 per hour and, once completed, you will receive a booklet containing a description and picture of your item(s), and the value of your item(s).  P.R. Sturgill is a trusted and recommended source for accurate appraisals.

Q Can you engrave the inside of rings?
A. Yes, we do engrave the inside of rings.  Font choices and number of characters are limited because space is limited.  There is never a charge for engraving on items purchased from us.