Aquamarine is traditionally seen as a clear, seawater color stone, but its hues range from sea green to a deep ocean blue. Similarly, the mysticism and lore of March’s birthstone swirls from sailors of the Middle Ages and modern healers.


In ancient times, aquamarine was important in daily life to improve communication, safety, and passion. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed aquamarine to have powers of safeguarding, so sailors were often bestowed with the gem before long voyages to bring protection from story seas. The Romans also carved frogs out of aquamarine to make friends out of enemies. Another legend from the Ancient Romans foretold of the stone absorbing the atmosphere of young love; it was the perfect gift for a new bride following consummation of the marriage. 


Many other cultures believed in aquamarine’s powers of promoting love and safety. Apostle St. Thomas admired the stone for how its colors imitate that of water and air, and he christened aquamarine the stone appropriate to take upon long voyages as it brought salvation and safety to those aboard the ships. 


Writers of the Middle Ages also harnessed the powers of aquamarine as an oracle to tell the fortunes of others and to locate misplaced belongings. They credited aquamarine with having strong powers of revelation when combined or placed in water. People cut aquamarine as a crystal ball to tell the future. In ancient literature, a bowl etched with the letters of the alphabet was filled with water and a diviner would hold an aquamarine by a thread and gently skim the surface of the water. The ripples would carry the stone to letters that would spell out messages, similar to how contemporary ouija boards are used.


Many ailments can be cured by wearing an aquamarine or drinking water infused with the gemstone. In folklore, aquamarine worn as an amulet is credited with curing laziness and procrastination in addition to toothaches and jaw pain. Warriors donned aquamarine during battles to bring about victory. Adding to the water aspects of this gem, aquamarine was popular in ceremonies as it would bring about rain to parched lands or visited droughts upon enemies.


Another further water aspect, modern healers use aquamarine to aid in fluid retention. Both modern and Ancient healers submerge aquamarine in water and then use this energized water to cleanse eyes to maintain the health of patients’ eyes.


Modern healers use the calming color in conjunction with the throat chakra. Clear blues are therapeutic to wearers and holders, so it is believed that aquamarine will aid in speech and singing. Meditating in the presence of aquamarine promotes spiritual and psychological healing and also works to treat physiological disorders. When looking for inner peace and tranquility, simply fold aquamarine into your palm to awaken its soothing properties. Aquamarine acts to calm and quiet a rambunctious mind, which awakens a state of mental clarity, higher consciousness, and it brings about spiritual awareness. The throat chakra is reinvigorated by aquamarine and promotes clearer communication, as represented by the clear color properties of this famous gemstone.


As springtime nears, channel the power of this month’s birthstone. Whether one chooses to indulge in the elemental rumors, aquamarine is a beautifully clear stone that looks remarkable against any complexion and, due to its versatility, can be worn in almost any fashion and be found in a range of prices.